Tall Tree Company is a family business revolving around skilled rural contracting based in Taranaki, but not limited to that area, under the direction of Stephen Pivac (Steve).

Tall Tree Company will assess and take on any project. We have the expertise and knowledge or will find what is necessary to achieve your vision.  If we cannot find answers, we will experiment within a defined cost or say we cannot proceed within the parameters requested.

Tall Tree Company undertakes a broad range of building work. From storm damage repairs to barns through to designing passive wetland or sand filter treatment systems for housing projects.

Of particular recent interest is design and construction of cost efficient structures that incorporate high solar gain for all services, low energy operating costs,and an emphasis on low carbon technologies and water conservation methods. Assistance with consenting procedures is a necessary part of this.

We can provide a total service. This includes making the best use of a clients own resources available for contributing to a project. Enhancement of design for a whole property will aim to incorporate and mirror the landforms, natural structures and existing biological strengths.

Local work in South Taranaki predominantly consists of all the usual types of rural contracting excluding large scale animal fodder harvesting. We provide farm fencing, drainage and development work, tree planting and maintenance including shelter, amenity plantings through to plantation establishment and silviculture. We will undertake forestry harvesting evaluation, and tracking.

We have a number of large gardens that we help maintain. This sort of work is usually done with sensitivity for what already exists and renewals in consultation with current owners. No job however is too small and we will provide assistance or just free advice in many cases provided travel is not too much of an issue or especially where date scones may be offered with a cup of tea.

We can assist with standalone energy systems (off grid) having lived with and installed such systems to power remote Community wireless broadband systems through to normal household installs. We will not install such systems if we believe they are unworkable for what is being demanded.

Cost and efficiency with minimal waste are important values we place on any work, whether it is our time, the resources we have at our disposal or simply how we get to work.