Cold Creek Community Water Supply PHRMP.

This project was undertaken on behalf of the Company that provides for this water supply. The Company directors (of which I am one at this time) are elected on rotation by the shareholders who are the users of the scheme. It is potentially the best run water scheme in the country, yet in saying that a key part of it's business model and strategic planning include full cost recovery and total environmental care.

This PHRMP was developed for the Scheme by myself with assistance from Delphinus Technology in order to comply with Drinking Water Standards 2005. The Table of Contents and Historical introduction only are included here for interest.

This model of what is effectively a 'privately' run water scheme is an extremely efficient way of protecting public interest in essential public supplies.



Updated from that presented to Cold Creek Community Water Supply Board, 20th April 2006; and consequent to that initially drafted 26th July 2002.

Prepared by Steve Pivac

Cold Creek Community Water Supply Limited

Public health Risk Management Plan (PHRMP)

Table of Contents


The construction of this water supply was completed in1987 as a consequence of a group of farmers and community members approaching the Egmont County Council to make use of the availability of a MAF subsidy, that would allow construction of an 'economic viability tested' water scheme in the area.

This proposal had to meet local share and future maintenance commitments with consequential production benefits.

Construction costs were kept to a minimum with significant input from local farmers and other future consumers within the “constituted water supply area” (L.G . Act 1974).

The local authority administered the establishment financial processes and acted as promoter, as was required by the legislation.

Local farmers formed the Cold Creek Community Water Supply Company Limited (hereafter referred to as The Company) in 1998 to formalise the decision making processes. Up until that time, the territorial authority had administered proceedings on behalf of the local Committee at cost.

The local authority had changed from Egmont County Council to become the amalgamated South Taranaki District Council (STDC) in 1989, with all assets effectively tranferred.

The management and operation of the supply was formally undertaken by the company from the date 1st December 2000.

A number of improvements to the scheme have been completed since that time, including:

in 8th November 2000 at the shareholders (and consumers) request. STDC continues to operate headworks and water making on a cost plus basis charged to the company.

A management contract between these parties is currently under negotiation. The commitment to allow divestment was reaffirmed in 2007.

The tendering of a service and maintenance contract for reticulation services, was originally awarded to Nigels Farm Services (NFS) in 1st July 2001. This service remains a competitive expenditure item. The 2007 contract has been redefined, and remains with NFS.

The company authorised the writing of a draft Public Health Risk Management Plan(PHRMP) in 2005 which was completed on 20th April 2006. An earlier attempt to assess public health risk was completed in July 2002.

The draft plan (2006) has formed part of the overall strategic direction for managing the water scheme and has become a foundation guide to the capital works programme for the scheme.

In 2006 The Company formally entered into the Technical Assistance Programme with Ministry of Health. It intends to have this (revised) PHRMP assessed in 2008.

With less than 500 consumers the supply is categorised as a small drinking water supply.